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Coupon Train

 You may be wondering what a coupon train is if you have never heard of it or rode one.

The coupon train is an envelope of at least 40 coupons that start out with the first person on the list. That person then puts all the coupons that they have and don't want into the envelope and take all the coupons they do want out. Please keep in mind though if you take out 5 coupons you need to put 5 back They then send it to the next person on the list and that person does the same thing. By the time you get the next coupon train you will have more coupons to add and be ready to snag a bunch more out of the train.

Rules before joining:

* Must be willing to provide your address for coupon distribution. Only the conductor will have your address. I will NOT include a list of addresses for the ride for safety reasons. Once you receive your train you need to contact me so you can get the address of the next passenger. This is for safety reasons and to help make sure we can maintain good communication.
*You must notify me when the train arrives and when it departs. All trains can only be stopped for 3 days at most unless you contact me in advance to make arrangements.
* Feedback will be implemented if you dont send it out 1 time, you will be removed from the Coupon Train. You will be elligible to reapply in 3 months. After 3 strikes of not sending you will be out of the train for good.
* Remove the coupons expiring within 1 week and coupons that have since expired.
* Please attempt to replace the coupons you took with new coupons so that the next member has a variety also including expired or soon to expire coupons.
* Coupon train will continue rotation. If you need to skip a ride at any time or to completely remove yourself just let me know by message or emailing me.
*Not ALL coupons are accepted on the coupon train. Please only maf. Coupons. Meaning no store coupons. Those are on a different train. Do not only add small coupons that no one really wants. Each time someone gets on the train I will be asking to make sure they enjoying what they received. If you continue to do so you will be removed. Do not add more than 5 of the same coupon unless you have prior approval or it is on someones wishlist.
*Each train will have a passenger number wish list. Just simply tell me what you would like to see and I will make a list of these items.

If you would like to ride the train please send me an email. Alittlesoutherncharm@yahoo.com and don't forget to put coupon train in the subject line.

Thanks and ALL ABOARD!!!!

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