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 Make up Reviews

Awhile back I purchased a few samples of eye shadow from a lady on FB thinking it would be cheap and I could just let my daughters play with it after I tried it. I WAS WRONG!!!
     First off the page to go look at is Vixoden Cosmetics. I only ordered samples but her samples are very plentiful. You get enough for one use and then at the very least another week of uses* (This is my opinion only on the amount as each person uses a different amount on a daily basis.) The colors are truly AMAZING! When applying them, they went very smoothly and stayed on with no problems. Now I must mention here that the colors I ordered are no longer going to be available which is a huge bummer for me, BUT she is constantly working on new colors, and product lines. So I am pretty sure she will come out with new colors I will fall in love with. I will post some pictures of the colors I used just as soon as I sort through all my Christmas pictures to find them!

Baby Unicorn and First Kiss

I was not ask to review this product, nor will I be paid for the review. The thoughts and views here are my honest opinion on the products.

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